Mi phone

So after 1.5 years of buying my phone, a few weeks back, I decided to explore features other than the beauty app. As I was fiddling, I got reminded of the times when I used to have special ringtones for all my favorite people. Now.. not even the dude gets a different ring tone. Sigh..where is the romance in life.. I thought to myself and decided that I would keep a nice song. I got a lovely piece of bgm from Aayudha Ezhuthu movie, the Michael Radhika portion (hey, one can imagine :p) and set it.See, the matter of the point is to SHOW the dude the extra efforts made no?
When I remembered, we were in the car somewhere near Ukkadam signal. I got super excited and told him to call me. Poor boy must have thought I became mental cos he gave me a weird look. So I grabbed his phone and dialled…
Me: can you hear, can you hear?
He : Enna?
Me : Listen care fully no…
He : can’t hear anything achu in this traffic.what is it?
Me : I kept a spl ring tone for you… Wait pannu.. Can you guess what song
He : No. Cant hear.
*mind voice* idhukku dhaa over imagination koodadhu
Me : So, are you going to keep a spl tone for me too?
He : Many times I don’t hear the phone ringing. Especially if im on the bike. I was actually thinking of changing my ring tone.. to the  the old, loud TRRINGG TRRIINGG
Me : I am sorry I asked. Please go back to your G.O.T ring tone 😁😁
P. S : ohh btw my phone speaker got damaged a couple of days back. All I can hear now is a GGRGRRGGGRRRrrrrrrrr in earsplitting volume. So much for Romance 😉


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