Morally true but practically?

I have seen posters that scream’Don’t waste food. Children are dying of hunger’ , ‘Throwing away food is like stealing it from the poor’. I feel this is such a lame concept.  Or maybe I don’t get the connection?

I simply cannot understand how me eating one more dosa instead of throwing it away is going to save children who are dying from hunger.

The idea that one should not waste food may sometimes force you to eat whatever is there whether your body wants it or not. What good can it do? I have seen my mom doing it. She would have leftovers in the fridge and while everyone is eating fresh food cooked by her she would be happy to eat reheated old food. I feel that is not at all needed. When I used to cook, I remember, I would never have the heart to throw anything and I was beginning to do that too. Storing up small quantities of rasam or chutney or eating two more mouths of Semia upma cos I made it… I was treating my body like a wastebin. I had to consciously make a change.

There are occasions when you don’t have control for example, in a restaurant you may end up ordering more food or you may not like what you have ordered, then I understand that you get the extra food packed and give it away. But it is not possible to do it every day, at home..

I feel that if you want to help the hungry, buy them a meal/fruit.


P.S: I live in an ashram, eat two meals a day.  I eat everything that is served on my plate.


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